We Don't Cry is an action defense survival horror shooter game. Defend yourself and your companions from waves of zombies and other enemies, build, Upgrade and repair resources, defenses, and other structures, trade with merchants, hire mercenaries, gather other survivors, do quests, etc.


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Defend yourself and your companions against waves of zombies and raiders with the help of other survivors and mercenaries, barricades, turrets, traps, land mines, etc.


Build, upgrade and repair them so you can earn money and items from various resources throughout the village.


You can trade (buy/sell) with merchants in which visit on random days and sell various supplies. Also, some of them offer mercenaries for hire!


High-level interaction with NPCs (give them weapons, ammo, medicals, etc. or ask them to follow you, stand guard or patrol the area). Switch between their equipped weapons. Some other resources and items can be interacted with, too.


You can build, upgrade and repair various structures in the game, including barricades, towers, rifle pits, resources, doors, windows, etc.


During the daytime, your companions will give out various quests, by accepting each quest, you can get different types of rewards including, food, water, money, items, weapons, etc.

Food & Water

Each person consumes one food and water per day to survive, also, some will be spent on resources.



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